Midwest Gaming Classic has announced the dates of next year’s event, Friday, March 31st to Sunday, April 2nd.

Information released by MGC below:

More announcements will start to follow in the upcoming months, but if you are ready to return, you can get your tickets today! Even better, get your tickets right now and they will be “Forever Tickets,” meaning that if something comes up and you can’t make the dates, your tickets will be good until used at a future MGC!

Be one of the first to order your 2023 Midwest Gaming Classic tickets here: https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/attend/

Want to get your room right away? The Hilton is ready to book your room here: https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/location/

Thanks again for 2022, and we’re excited to see you back in 2023!

~Dan Loosen

If you’d like to come on the Thursday, please check out our MGC Crew program and tell us you can help that day. We’d love to have more people helping then!

For everyone that already pre-ordered tickets, wow – thank you! We had a great response yesterday, and I appreciate it! Every pre-order we get helps make the show easier to put on and gives us time to make it even better, so if you consider pre-ordering early, I personally thank you for making the 2023 show even better! If you want to pre-order, you can do so at https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/attend/

Here’s a few other quick notes from questions and comments:

  • Will VIG sell out? I can’t guarantee it of course, but my gut says yes. The cartridges have become very collectible, and it’s a great overall deal.
  • When will more MGC 2023 announcements happen? We did our best to tell you the dates at basically the same time we were able to completely lock them. We anticipate late summer to early fall for most major announcements.
  • Will we be hosting Game Nights again? I can’t believe how many times I’ve been asked this considering how small it was! Wow! Anyway, yes, although I don’t know if we will host again in 2022. We definitely want to do it again, but are currently running in 12 different directions. If we can get a grip on it, we would love to do it again this year. If you came to the last one, you’ll get an email. Otherwise, we’re figuring out how / who else to invite. Game Nights wouldn’t work with tons of people.
  • I have [thing] to get rid of, do you want it? We’ve had a number of people offer to give us cool things lately for the show, from consoles to old TVs and even arcade games! How cool of those who have done that, as it helps us continue the show! If you’ve got something, email me back (just hit reply!) and we’ll see if we can use it!
  • What else can I do to help? We’ve got our Twitch channel, tvMGC. If you have Amazon Prime, you can go to it and subscribe for free – takes about 30 seconds – and it gives us a small amount of money. We use that money for the betterment of the show. A number of people do this every month – HUGE thanks! – and every little bit helps. We’re still working on paying down the giant loan we had to take out for covid… I’ll send out more updates about tvMGC sometime soon.

I think that’s it! Thanks, you all rock! If I missed something or you have something for me, hit reply to this! I’m still a bit behind on email, but I’m digging out of it and will get back to you sooner than later, I hope 🙂

~Dan Loosen

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