Tag: Multiball

Super Hyper Ball!

Take about a cup of pinball, Add a cup of Arkanoid, Sprinkle generously with some Space Invaders, Add half of a bottle of 5-hour energy, Put it all in a bowl, MIX THE CRAP OUT OF IT, and what do you get? This game!

The Hobbit at Pinfest: First person view

I was trying out these sunglasses I got that have a camera inside the bridge part. I figured I should try my first game of Jersey Jack’s The Hobbit at Pinfest with them on and see how the video looks.

More Walking Dead video

The videos have started to come out with Walking Dead gameplay. Here’s one now that stacks Multiballs. Remember this is early code.

Wheel of Fortune Tutorial [PAPA]

The tutorial even includes a double trip multiball and regular multiball stacked together with a BONUS mode. When you can build that up, anything you fling the ball at will score “fabulous points.” So, when in doubt, on Wheel of Fortune it’s Mode before Multiball.

Let’s Play: Force II

We’ve got a “Nine-Out” attempt on Force II over here if you want to check it out. #KingOfKongReference #WhyAmIHashtaging