If you have the guts and are willing to take risks, you can get to some serious stuff on Lexy Lightspeed.

How about a Super Duper Jackpot? (and I like that it actually says “Super Duper” on the screen)

From the video description:

The first ever super duper jackpot achieved in Lexy Lightspeed on Multimorphic’s P3 Pinball Platform.
Super Duper Jackpot is when a jackpot is collected during 8 ball multiball when all 8 balls are in play and prior to any ball hitting the drain switch.

Check out a Nine-Ball Multiball! That’s right, all of these balls are earned. No unearned balls like in Stern’s Indiana Jones 8-Ball where some are hiding in the ark, or Apollo 13 where a stampede of balls just get released for the lulz, and the game dares you to keep some of them in play.

From the video description:

Defeating an alien during Agent Multiball results in an add-a-ball and new ball-save timer. Doing that during 8-ball multiball results in a 9th ball being released into play.

This game needs to come out as soon as possible.

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