OK, so I was trying out these sunglasses I got that have a camera inside the bridge part. I figured I should try my first game of Jersey Jack’s The Hobbit at Pinfest with them on and see how the video looks.

I learned that the camera is way, WAY higher than I think it is so the view is higher than what I am looking at. I would have to wear the glasses like a television comedy librarian to get a normal first person view.

Also, I forgot I was wearing them at times, so I shake my head too much during this video. As you watch the video, please accept my apologies in advance for any dizzy spells you might experience.

The game felt like is is going to be a good game when it is finished. At this point only the Multiball, the troll-like hurry-ups and other minor features were available. There is also a button on the lockdown bar similar to AC/DC and Star Trek. It functioned as a kickback when the ball was held at the lower left outlane area. There may be some strategies developed where you will want to keep the ball in that area for a few seconds before hitting it back into play via the button.

The game was set to two balls per play to help work through the line of people who wanted to sample the game.

Check out the two-lane moonwalk out of the habitrail at the very end.

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