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Welcome back, WPPR Points!

Levi Nayman and the New York Pinball scene welcome the WPPR points back into service with a tournament at The Funtorium, and this inspirational song:

NYCPC 2019 Event Public Tickets

Are you an interested pinballer planning to be in New York on the weekend of May 17,18,19? Non-competitive tickets are available to come to the NYC Pinball Championships.

Pinball lives on in New York

Look at FOX 5 NY News jump on the Modern Pinball NYC bandwagon. That how you know this is getting big. That’s right, Modern Pinball NYC has already reached “special interest news piece” status.

MarketWatch – People Flipping for Pinball

The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch with Charles Passy and WSJ This Morning’s Gordon Deal. After listening to this segment I must figure out if this means I am a hipster now.