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INKS – iPhone Game

This is what happens when pinball and Peggle have a meeting and bring paint to throw at each other.

Pinball Games Done Quick!

This January 3rd through 11th 2015 at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport, a special event is happening in the world of gaming. Games Done Quick is a gaming charity event wherein players attempt to achieve difficult gaming achievements in as short a time as possible.

Interactive entertainment is an art form.

Confirmed by Dara O’Briain – The art form of interactive entertainment does something that is not done by books, movies and music alone. That is, penalize you for being bad at them.

MOAR Texas Pinball Festival 2013 Coverage

Ron Hallett, Jr. went to the Texas Pinball Festival which means this is the tour video you want to see. OK, fine I’ll post some others, too. For some reason, Jersey Jack’s The Wizard of Oz was in the tournament. Did that game get some sort of software update that makes it tournament worthy, and I missed it?

Pic of the Day: OK, I kind of understand.

OK, fine. After seeing this in person on my recent visit to the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, I kind of understand why those prohibitionists wanted pinball banned.