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Slam Tilt Podcast: Save the Ice Cream!

Ron Hallett and Bruce Nightingale interview members of the Galactic Tank Force team on this episode of the Slam Tilt Podcast.

There to tell them more about the game and the process of creating it were Dennis Nordman (Design), Paul Reno (Design), Jack Haeger (Art Director), Christopher Franchi (Artist), and Steve Bowden (Rules)

Stew McVicker’s Quest for the Best

Pinball Champion (in his own mind) Stew McVicker challenges the best in the world. No, he didn’t challenge himself. Instead, he challenged Raymond Davidson.

From Zero to Powerdown

If they think you’re crude, go technical.

If they think you’re technical, go crude.

Ron Hallett, Jr. goes for Powerdown wizard mode. Ice T and pseudo-Keanu were there for comment.

“Welcome to Crazy Bob’s Cyberspace Good-Stuff Emporium! Where a shot into the Matrix will win you one of these awards!”

Slam Tilt: Missing Medallions

-Goodbye ReplayFX/Pinburgh – Rochester Visit – Nublar Sells a Game – RAZA Reveal – Snoop is Down with Hot Wheels – JJP and Scorbit

Stew vs. Skynet

John Connor was ended really early in the latest Terminator movie. Oh, is that a spoiler? Regardless, what Skynet didn’t know was that Stew was there as well, and has decided to take on the responsibility of defeating the machines himself.

Slam Tilt: K-Turn

Posting this nearly two weeks afterward because I have seriously fallen behind on podcasts again. To catch up on the rest of my podcast queue, it’s time to activate the podcast vocal accelerator! (The talky-fast mode)