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Pinball Profile: IFPA Returns

“Sanctioned tournaments and leagues are set to begin on August 1st, 2021.

IFPA President Josh Sharpe tells us how we got here and what it means moving forward.”

Mid-America Pinball Tour

Find out more about these series of events and tournaments on the Mid-America Pinball Tour Facebook Page.

Meet the Bat City Pinball Club

Demonstrating some gameplay on Metallica Premium. If you are in the Austin TX Area, join them on facebook. Today I learned that “Bat City” is a nickname for Austin, Texas.

MOAR Texas Pinball Festival 2013 Coverage

Ron Hallett, Jr. went to the Texas Pinball Festival which means this is the tour video you want to see. OK, fine I’ll post some others, too. For some reason, Jersey Jack’s The Wizard of Oz was in the tournament. Did that game get some sort of software update that makes it tournament worthy, and I missed it?