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Turtles Topper Unboxing

“Flip N Out Pinball’s Zach Unboxes The Official Stern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Topper.”

Elvira Topper: Pleasant Screams

My Elvira-level pun aside, Jack Danger has a topper from Elvira House of Horrors. Gappa was angry. Screaming may have happened. Also, Dead Head Jack appears.

The Pinball Show 17: Toppers and Turtles

Zach and Dennis get into the price of the new Jurassic Park topper and the game feature it activates. They discuss the precedent this might set as far as paying for game content that has been released after the game has launched.

“Are toppers worth the money?”

With the Star Wars topper released and other toppers such as Black Knight and Medieval that look super detailed, are you looking to get one of these accoutrements?

Eclectic Expo 2019

Eclectic Gamers reviews more of whatever the heck happened at Pinball Expo 2019.

Pintastic Tour

Pinball Supernova visits Pintastic New England. Includes gameplay of the custom Metroid Pinball machine and a look at the “ultimate pinball topper”