Zach and Dennis get into the price of the new Jurassic Park topper and the game feature it activates. They discuss the precedent this might set as far as paying for game content that has been released after the game has launched.

Podcast synopsis:

The Pinball Show Ep 17: It’s Not About The Topper, It’s About The Changing Landscape Of Pinball, But Are We Devolving?

Hosts: Dennis Kriesel & Zach Meny

Stern Pinball recently released Jurassic Park topper

– Dennis hosts Pinball Topper Trends

– The Changing Social Climate of the Pinball Community

– TMNT Lead Software Designer, Dwight Sullivan, visits LoserKid Pinball Podcast and Final Round Pinball Podcast

– Industry News

– New Code for Spooky Pinball’s Rick & Morty

– Pinball Market Trends


– New Segment: The Pinball Show MVP



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