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Drain Talk episode 7: Sea Ray

At Pinball Expo 2021 Flip Out tournament, most of us got our butts summarily kicked by Sea Ray for a majority of the qualifying time. That was before we found out the some parts of Sea Ray weren’t working quite right. But, suddenly with only a scant few hours of qualifying time remaining, Sea Ray decided to work…

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AKM Pinball vs. Tron Legacy [Tutorial]

Austin Mackert gives a tutorial on how to play Tron Legacy at Mustang Sally Brewing in Chantilly, VA. Yes, the picture above spoils how successful he was during the tutorial. It’s amazing how well players like Austin can play while giving detailed instructions as they are doing it, because it’s like constantly calling your shots.

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Avengers Infinity Quest: 3.5 Hour Tutorial!

If you don’t understand what’s going on with Avengers Infinity Quest, if you don’t know what those gems do, if you need the leet strats for the beginning of the game, mid game and end game, if all this is just too much to understand, then this is the tutorial you need to see! 

Hosted by: Lowry Parcade in Tampa, Florida

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