[Double Portal/No Sea of Simulation Bonus]

Austin Mackert gives a tutorial on how to play Tron Legacy at Mustang Sally Brewing in Chantilly, VA. Yes, the picture above spoils how successful he was during the tutorial. It’s amazing how well players like Austin can play while giving detailed instructions as they are doing it, because it’s like constantly calling your shots.

The few times when I was able to do the “Double Portal/No Sea”, 100,000,000 cash in, I end up getting all of the other steps done first except Disc Multiball. This happens sometimes because I’ll just forget to do Disc Multiball at all during the game, until I realize that I haven’t done it yet. Then I go all-in with Disc Multiball and hope to complete that the first time I run it in order to light Portal. Let’s see how Austin accomplishes his run at the ultimate Tron Legacy cash in.

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