My favorite part of this is “Impossible Play”, AKA Massenkoff Mode. I also vaguely remember this years ago being referred to as “California Style”, but I don’t remember why. Maybe I’m imagining that.

Shout out the Players in some of the tournaments I attended a long time ago who wanted a 5-second hold time limit during competition. This makes it an empirically enforceable metric.

The only difference I imagined when thinking about how to implement a 5-second hold time limit was, instead of having the flipper die, have your points decrease like what happened on the game show “The Chair” when your heartbeat was too high. A difference being, the first time you do it. you lose tens of points until you let the flipper go. The next time you do it you lose hundreds. Then thousands … on up to a maximum penalty of losing millions, or in the case of Attack from Mars or Johnny Mnemonic, tens of millions.

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