Who will be the first to get all of the achievements from Willy Wonka? The ultimate achievement probably involves getting all of the Golden Tickets and reaching the final wizard mode. I would like to run to the nearest Dialed IN! game with this system installed, because my best shot at getting all of the “cheevos” and 100-percenting a game would be that one.

Go to the Jersey Jack Support Page to download the update and install the Achievement enhancement from Scorbit:

Quoting Jersey Jack Pinball:

Jersey Jack Pinball is excited to launch full support of the achievement platform as the next step in our partnership with Scorbit. With deeply integrated achievements designed and implemented by the creators of each game, Jersey Jack Pinball games will be even more competitive for players. Achievements appear in real-time on the game displays as well as within the Scorbit app, and are visible on Scorbit user profiles. The Achievements platform is being added to our entire game catalogue at no additional monthly fee to our owners! We have more online features to come that certainly will be a game changer! Connect your game online today.

Video from Scorbit:

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