Tag: Anastasia Steinman

Louisville Arcade Expo – PAPA Circuit Qualifying

People need to understand that epic stuff, like what happened at the end of this qualifying period, happens at a lot of tournaments. The only difference is that now these moments of epicness are being captured on camera.

PAPAtv Roadshow: S1 – E2

It’s the PAPAtv Roadshow: Season 1 – Episode 2! During this episode, they visit Lyons, Colorado. Also, Whirlyball?! And, the most interesting pinballer in the world tells us a story.

PAPA 16 Photo Gallery

Check out the PAPA 16 photo gallery by Anastasia Steinman that includes well over 100 photographs.

PAX East Pinball Seminar 2013

PAX East is attended by thousands of gamers, industry professionals and developers alike. Hundreds of them chose to come out for a seminar on pinball competitions, and it was good.