PAX East is attended by thousands of gamers, industry professionals and developers alike. Hundreds of them chose to come out for a seminar on pinball competitions, and it was good. I wish I was there.

A few of us got a preview of what happened that day through the live stream. But, there was no sound after the seminar started, so I was especially glad that they released this video.

Bowen and Mark’s style of friendly antagonism toward each other really works here. They talk about strategies, flipper techniques, and the PAPA circuit tournament series.

I hope they do this next year, it would give me the excuse to attend the event. Why not? The door is ajar here for arcade pinball to break out of its niche status in the gaming sphere. Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball/Pinball FX are already handling the virtual pinball part of pinball’s resurgence. Now, it’s time for the arcade pinball side to break through. PAX Prime, perhaps? Or, maybe even E3?