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AKM’s Pinball Videos vs. Oktoberfest

Austin Mackert takes on Oktoberfest and gives a tutorial on some strategies to try. Which stein bonuses work best? It depends on what you like to do in the game.

AKM Pinball vs. Tron Legacy [Tutorial]

Austin Mackert gives a tutorial on how to play Tron Legacy at Mustang Sally Brewing in Chantilly, VA. Yes, the picture above spoils how successful he was during the tutorial. It’s amazing how well players like Austin can play while giving detailed instructions as they are doing it, because it’s like constantly calling your shots.

How do you play Raven?

“Here’s another session with Raven (Gottlieb, 1986). Part live tutorial, part casual gameplay session.”

AKM vs. The Getaway

Austin takes his car out for a quick drive to the tune of over a half a billion points! He also does post-game commentary.

The Final Battle

Is “unobtainium” is the most unimaginative name for a rare McGuffin movie item ever?