Austin plays through one, complete lap of Sopranos Pinball by Stern. Sopranos is a methodical game. The word “Methodical” is NOT intended to be a euphemism for boring. Well, maybe it is since just linked those two words.

Anyway, Sopranos Pinball is not boring. Just be patient, make your shots, step by step, check off each virtual box as you come across it and don’t drain. Yes, I realize that describes the way to play most of the pinball games ever made.


Even the Wizard Mode on this game is a giant “To-Do” list that tells you what to do, when, how much and checks off each box as you go. So just get everything on this list done, Johnson! Have it on my desk by the end of business, today!

Wow, that sounds boring. Sopranos Pinball is not boring! There are pinball-starved people who wish they could play the complete idea that is the Sopranos Pinball game. Be sure to start the curse-frenzy mode to wake everybody up in the surrounding area with some choice profanity.

(In case it’s not clear, I enjoy playing Sopranos Pinball. At least it’s not The Avengers.)  /lulz /troll

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