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The making of America’s Most Haunted

Ben Heck on his website posted a detailed write-up of the process that made America’s Most Haunted one of the more a sought-after, unlicensed games in the hobby.

Flappy Bird – Ghost Edition

… And Heck saw what he had created and said that it was good. Then Heck said, “I will create a video mode on America’s Most Haunted because it’s what people want.”

America’s Most Drunk

One of the hallmarks of a good pinball game is whether you can have fun playing it while inebriated.

DOTS! DOTS! MORE DOTS! and music [America’s Most Haunted]

Thirty minutes of dot matrix display animations and music from Ben Heck’s America Most Haunted pinball game. It gives you a clue as to how deep this game really is. Now, I am even more jealous that I am thousands of miles and dollars away from playing this game.