Spooky Pinball’s game, America’s Most Haunted, gets the Twitch stream spotlight treatment this Saturday at 3:30 PM Eastern Time.

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From Buffalo Pinball:

This week’s “Bro, do you even pinball?” is MOVED to Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern as we road trip to battle Jeff Ef on Spooky Pinball‘s “America’s Most Haunted!”

Charlie and Benjamin Heckendorn will be joining the festivities and will give out some free Spooky Pinball swag during the stream.

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Plus, the game recently got a new software update: (Hat Tip to Todd Seaver on Facebook:)

Update details:

In free play mode, during Ball 1, pressing Start after adding 4 players allows you to remove any players who haven’t yet started their ball.

Fixed bug that caused high scores to be saved to EEPROM incorrectly.

Improved EEPROM access routines.

In attract mode, when tournament mode is off, press Left Flipper to jump to High Scores, Right Flipper to jump to Last Scores. Supplements the existing feature: if tournament mode is on, either flipper jumps to Last Scores and holds them for 20 seconds.

Added ball save timer when ball is released from Video Mode in case it goes SDTM.

Added menu option for Right Scoop Ball Save Time (0-5 seconds)

Added menu option to disable Video Mode.

Added menu option to disable Get Ball Back on Zero Point Ball.

Added menu test option to turn all All Backbox, All Playfield GI and All GI and Lamps (great for photos!)

Ball Save voice prompt is set to lower priority when more than 1 ball is active in game.

Hellavator Jackpot now starts at 1 million, increments by 250k to keep its scoring more in line with Ghost Boss jackpots.

GLIR rollover progress now saved after ball drains.

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