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INDISC 2019 Women’s Finals

IE Pinball presents the INDISC 2019 Women’s Finals. It’s time to get the diamonds, ring the bell and make some dangerous phone calls.

Congo Day: The Tutorial

Gorilla and Hippos are not bears. Bowen Kerins does a tutorial of Congo at Belles and Chimes PDX

CONGO: Bad movie, good game.

Kevin Birrell of Skill Shot magazine details why CONGO is underrated. That’s the pinball game, by the way. CONGO: The Movie sucks, except for Tim Curry of course.

2013 Northwest Pinball Championships Day 2

Quick points: Keith Elwin dominates the qualifying round — Escher Lefkoff and Johnny Modica survive the Late Night Beat Down — For some reason, I like Centigrade 37 — The Stroke of Luck kickout on Attack from Mars got better.

2013 Northwest Pinball Championships Day 1

All of the games are set extremely tough but fair … Basically, they are settings that I would want to play on games that are on route to get good practice for tournament play. But I realize that wouldn’t happen …