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All of the games are set extremely tough but fair which is typical for the NWPC. Tilts are VERY conservative, Kickbacks must be earned or are disabled completely, most single-ball ball saves are also disabled. Also, thick, yellow posts guard some of the major shots.

Basically, they are settings that I would want to play on games that are on route to get good practice for tournament play. But I realize that wouldn’t happen, because it would discourage and frustrate casual players.

The Games


Dracula – Other than tilt warnings that can go through the de-bounce, this game plays pretty normally. It has Lightning Flippers, which is standard for Dracula. Ball saver is on at the start of the ball. Castle lock may allow two balls out of the lock by mistake. Ruling is to let one drop when possible. This is tough to keep track of, especially when you think you should still be in Multiball.

World Cup Soccer USA ’94 – Lightning Flippers here as well (similar to a PAPA A-Division WCS94). This makes the game instantly more difficult and gives the Goalie almost god-like saving abilities.

Who Dunnit – Yes, WD is in the tournament. If you think it’s easy, it’s not. Why? Guess what … Lightning Flippers! Roulette tournament settings are in effect.

Attack from Mars – Do I even have to say it? Lightning Flippers. Also, the Stroke of Luck kickout throws the ball in a dangerous place almost every time. It’s a coin flip whether or not you live or die when the ball leaves the kickout at high speed. It’s not a 50/50 coin flip. More like 75-80% that you live through it, 20-25% that you drain from it. Maybe it will hit the slingshot. Maybe it will hit the flipper joint. Maybe it will give you a friendly dead flipper pass opportunity. You’ll never know until it happens.

Congo – Kickback is disabled completely. You cannot earn them. Super Skill shot will drain your ball unless you are in Skill Fire. Fat posts around the mystery saucer. Remember there is no ball save at the start so don’t try the traditional skill shot either, or you risk immediate death. Soft plunges, away!

Avatar – Fat posts around the Link shot. You need 1 more Link shot than normal to start the first one. The small metal bar is there at the bumper exit to prevent center drains. It’s not much help.

TRON: Legacy – Fat posts wherever possible. No outlane post help. No ball save at the start. No comment on the setting of the Disc, because I haven’t made it to that feature yet. I’ll probably continue to avoid it.

NWPC Classics

Little Chief, Volley, Centigrade 37, Mars Trek