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Quick points:

  • Keith Elwin dominates the qualifying round
    • World Cup USA 94 with lightning flippers is no problem for him as he puts up a score of 2.8 Billion including a World Cup Final victory (5 goals).
    • People who follow him then find a goalie whose god-like powers have returned, and is now able to block everything from every angle. And I mean EVERYTHING, EVER!
    • Once, I saw the ball land in the assist hole and then, instead of kicking out straight like it normally does, it kicked out of it with a strange, hard-right angle. Of course the goalie blocked that one too.
  • Escher Lefkoff and Johnny Modica survive the Late Night Beat Down as they hang on by one point.
  • For some reason, I like Centigrade 37. The game stated to grow on me as I was hammering it to try to get more Classics qualifying points. It helped that the tilt was not strict. I could actually trust that I could get the ball back when travelling down the waterfall of switches on the right side of the playfield.
  • I improved my scores on three games but not by much. It was enough to qualify in 11th position.
  • The Stroke of Luck kickout on Attack from Mars got better meaning that the ball was controllable more often by the end of the day. Of course, scores on the game started to climb and it became a regular occurrence to see a player with more than 3 billion points.
  • The line were not nearly as long on the second day. This year’s NWPC event was not part of an IFPA Championship week like last year, which meant that not many people made the trip from overseas. Also, if you remember from yesterday, the settings of the games were especially not kind so quick games happened often.