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Williams Pinball Circus DMD Animations

Eddie Cramer presents a compilation of Pinball Circus DMD animations with gameplay sounds. If you are not high right now, you might feel a little bit high after watching these. If you are high right now, well … ok.

Cramer’s log

If you’ve ever wanted to see a glimpse what it takes to keep a high quality set of games on route as much as possible, check out the log of Eddie Cramer’s pinball maintenance activities at Modern Pinball NYC.

Banzai Run Restored

Eddie Cramer, the unsung hero of the New York City pinball scene, shows us the results of his restoration of a Banzai Run pinball machine.

Eddie Cramer’s TOTAN mods

Eddie shows off his pimped out Tales of the Arabian Nights game, including topper, magic lamp and skeleton modifications. I imagine that it’s a pretty good light show if you can get a good shot in on the magic lamp with lots of spinnage.

Pinaholic gets his WOZ

Allen Cihak and Eddie Cramer go to the Jersey Jack Pinball Factory to get The Wizard of Oz machine ready to go on route in New York City.