Eddie Cramer

If you’ve ever wanted to see a glimpse what it takes to keep a high quality set of games on route as much as possible, check out the log of Eddie Cramer’s pinball maintenance activities at Modern Pinball NYC.

Eddie doesn’t get the credit he deserves so I’d like to give some here. Go to the post called “What Failed Today…” at Pinside to fully appreciate what a dedicated technician goes through to keep a highly active route pinball facility like Modern Pinball going strong.

Remember, if you keep your games working despite how difficult and time-consuming it is, the people will come and then they will come back for more. Then they will tell others. Those people will come and the positive spiral will continue to give you much success.

However, if you choose not to keep your games working and updated, then you deserve your lack of coin drop or entry fees or whatever.


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