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Haggis Update and Factory Tour

Haggis Pinball gives an update on progress with Celts and Fathom.

This is followed by a tour of the Haggis factory describing the various sections and processes Haggis utilizes to create games.

Trek and Ghostbusters on the line.

That new Star Trek movie is coming out. What a perfect time to get more Star Trek games on the line at the Stern factory! Ghosterbusters LE is here too.

Gary Stern Live.

The reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated and something something misquote.

Heighway Progress

Production begins in earnest on Heighway Pinball’s Full Throttle game.

Stern Pinball: Made Right Here

We’ve replaced this person’s coffee with coffee made by Stern Pinball. Let’s see if they notice the difference. (No wait, that’s the wrong coffee brand…)