Precious Hobbit Pinball

Jersey Jack have recently announced that their second game, The Hobbit, is going into production.

From their newsletter:

Greetings Pinball Fans,
It’s a very exciting time at JJP, The Hobbit is on the assembly line! We are building up sub assemblies, playfields, cabinets and full games. The plan is to build a number of games for further extensive testing and then go into full production in January. Our suppliers have been working very hard to get us all the parts we need. Everyone knows that JJP games are loaded with fun, mechanical action, and new technology which keeps players coming back for more. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter as we post more updates and photos in the coming weeks!

Given that press release styled language, people just want to know when their game will be made and when will it get shipped. It looks like the clock starts in January.

Jersey Jack Pinball

1645 Oak Street

Lakewood, NJ 08701


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