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PAPAtv: Double Combo

PAPAtv plays carnival games with FunHouse where Rudy rules, and Coney Island where the 50,000 is KING, but so difficult to get. Then they play some pool games with Breakshot, Target Pool and Pinball Pool.

Pic of the Day: Evan’s FunHouse

The Columbusonian (614 Magazine) based in Columbus, Ohio interviewed Evan Bingham about the upcoming tournament, “Clancey’s Amazing Pinball Race.”

Dial ‘S’ for Slap Save

More Pinburgh tournament play featuring: Group S. Over an hour and a half! (Thanks, Twilight Zone.) Also, featuring DVD commentary by the Sharpe brothers.

Anotherrrr Hourrr of Powerrr!

Don’t miss the epic Twilight Zone battle. Also, the evilness of Flash Gordon. That game is concentrated evil. Anytime the ball is in motion, you are in trouble.