Congratulations INDISC World Pinball Championship Series Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the It Never Drains in Southern California (INDISC) World Pinball Championship Series of tournaments!

Over the weekend, the events accumulated over three million views on Twitch livestream broadcasts, including nearly two million views for the Open Championship Finals!

INDISC – Classics Target Match Play Final Rounds

Registration for January’s INDISC 2024 – The Super Bowl of pinball tournaments is underway. With that, IE Pinball has released coverage of the Classics Target Match Play from the last event. This event starts the series that leads up to the World Championship.

Are you ready for this year’s Super Bowl of Pinball? Are you “All In”?

INDISC will live on!

Since the Museum of Pinball was the site of INDISC / The Open major pinball tournament, and that event space will be gone, the question arose as to the status of the event for next year.

INDISC 2019 Women’s Finals

IE Pinball presents the INDISC 2019 Women’s Finals. It’s time to get the diamonds, ring the bell and make some dangerous phone calls.

It Often Drains in Classics

Get ready to travel to the land of house balls, strange ball physics, questionable bounce passes, and unexpected tilts. What am I talking about? None of those things actually happen.