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American Pinball Announces Co-Op/Team Play coming for AP games

This version of Co-op play comes with another intriguing twist — you can choose which team to join as you are playing the game. For example: When Player One finishes their first ball, before Player Two starts, they can choose to to join Player One’s team or go to the other team instead. Players Three and Four can do the same.

Dead Flip vs. Torpedo Alley

I remember playing this game some years ago at INDISC. And by “this game”, I believe it was this particular game. I also remember it being the most brightest, strobing, disorienting game ever in the history of ever. Of course a number of games I’ve played since then have said “hold my beer” and been more potentially detrimental to my vision, but my retinas still have imprints of this game.

Halloween and Ultraman Pinball Gameplay

Jack Danger and Spooky Pinball show livestreamed gameplay of both Halloween and Ultraman Pinball.

Video description by Dead Flip:

“Spooky Pinball gave us some early access to their two newest titles, to shine some light on where the gameplay is headed!”