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JAZ vs. Danger [X-Men]

Jason Zahler [JAZ] completes the X-Men ring of Mutants and faces off against Danger herself.

Pinball on the TODAY Show!

Jason and Mazine Zahler were the stars of an in-studio segment on the TODAY Show where they answered questions the anchors had about playing pinball. They also were featured on a taped segment that was shown beforehand. Well done, Jason and Maxine!

Modern Pinball NYC OPENS!

Modern Pinball NYC is now open for business! Today is the soft opening for Steve Epstein and Steve Zahler’s new pinball venture, and it already looks fantastic.

Big Night at the JPA Pinball League – Part 2

Submitted for your approval is 8-year old Jason Zahler. He resuming play on Star Trek: The Next Generation after Sanjay Shah finished his dominating game of Attack from Mars. It was fun to watch a pinball prodigy have such success.