Tag: Jon Replogle

Minburgh 2019

Pete Hendricks, Priyanka Kochhar, Evan Bookbinder, and Jon Replogle battle in a Pinburgh Style single round competition for Minburgh supremacy!

The Wizard of Salem, Massachusetts

It’s the newest episode of PAPA.TV! Featuring: The Wizard of Oz, Faces and The Addams Family inspired by FarSight Studios’ Kickstarter effort.

PAPAtv LIVEplay: Shuffle up and Deal

This week on PAPAtv LIVE, World Poker Tour gets the respect I feel it deserves via a live gameplay video. As the video continues, we begin to realize just how deep the game’s rule set is.


It’s a new style of PAPA TV gameplay videos. It’s gameplay with commentary and accompanied by participants from the PAPA TV Twitch chat room.

PAPAtv Pinball Roadshow: S1E3

It’s the third episode of the PAPAtv Pinball Roadshow, and it’s the best one so far. That title image happens within the first minute of the video.