This week on PAPAtv LIVE, World Poker Tour gets the respect I feel it deserves via a live gameplay video. As the video continues, we begin to realize just how deep the game’s rule set is.

Also, Hot Line has to be treated like a Faberge egg because “TILT ends game.”

Plus, Split Second remains properly strange. HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!

And, a short analysis of whether to have a women’s division at the PAPA World Championships.

From the video description:

PAPAtv LIVE is a casual look into pinball, video games, and anything else we find silly, or interesting, or neither. All shows are unscripted because none of us can remember our lines, but they tend to follow a general formula:

1. Discussing current gaming news.
2. Playing pinball or video games while answering questions from the chat room.
3. Frosty beverages.

In this episode, we play the following games:
Hot Line – 0m 30s
Split Second – 12m 0s
World Poker Tour – 26m 30s

By the way, thanks for the shout-out near the end of the broadcast.


For more, click this link => World Poker Tour deserves more respect [VIDEO].

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