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The Plumb Ep 5: Mike Vinikour

– Mike and the field test program |
– Getting the job at Bally/Midway |
– Punk Rock and his LP collection |
– Mike’s pinball collection |

The Plumb: Episode 2

The one where Krystle feels guilty about not playing in pinball tournaments and has a question for people who wear headphones while they are playing pinball.

The Plumb: Episode One

Krystle Gemnich’s new podcast has started! Find out how she got here, what the goals of her podcast are and what she plans to do in future episodes.

TWiP with Krystle Gemnich

Krystle, the host of RipTide Pinball Podcast and Marco Specialties representative, guests on the show to talk about stuff and things. Zachary makes sure to say her name correctly.