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As simple as 11, 12, 13. [JPA PinGolf update]

Francesco La Rocca’s PinGolf scorecard of 12 puts him in second position in this season’s JPA PinGolf Tournament. Steve Zahler remains in first place with 11, and Sanjay Shah goes to third place with 13.

Big Night at the JPA Pinball League – Part 1

Sanjay Shah plays Attack from Mars during an official Jersey Pinball Association league match. This means 3 balls, plunge extra balls (you can’t play them), and tournament mode. On this machine, tournament mode forces the Stroke of Luck to award 50 Million every time.

Pinburgh 2013 – PinGame Journal Quick Video

Ron Sanecki offers converge of Pinburgh 2013. Sure, the luminaries of the event are represented. However, a beautiful moment happens at around the two-minute mark when Ron interviews Koi Morris while Sanjay Shah is playing Time Machine.