Sanjay Shah plays Attack from Mars during an official Jersey Pinball Association league match. This means 3 balls, plunge extra balls (you can’t play them), and tournament mode. On this machine, tournament mode forces the Stroke of Luck to award 50 Million every time.

During the video, you may notice that right next to AFM, Star Trek: The Next Generation is running and has a game in progress. That’s actually 8-year old Jason Zahler’s game which he stopped playing to let the league match finish. There will be more on that in Big Night at the JPA Pinball League – Part 2.

Sanjay Shah vs. Attack from Mars

Intro beat: Jack*Bot Pre-Launch

Outro: A parody of Williams WMS Slots Big Win Celebration. Hey WMS, come back and make some more pinball games so that we can have fun with bonus celebrations like you do on your slot games.

Additional angle filmed by Steve Zahler