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Game of Spinners with Jack Danger

The “Wheel” on Game of Thrones continues to turn as rulers ascend and die. Leaders who know how to use the spinner on the Wheel can extend their reign longer than most.

The Spinner is Lit Podcast

Another pinball podcast?! Yes! ANOTHER pinball podcast! And ANOTHER, and ANOTHER until you come to your senses!

Lets Play: Lectronamo

Look, don’t question the backglass. Just don’t question it, and keep shooting the spinner.

New Pinball Dictionary: Spinnage

The amount of spinner rotations on a well-placed shot. A shot has more or less spinnage based on how much or how little the spinner spins after the player makes a clean shot through it.

Meteor gameplay by PAPA

Slam that spinner! After almost spelling M-E-T-E-O-R, slam that spinner again! This game also gives us a great opportunity to practice some in-lane passes, especially to set up another spinner shot.