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Spooky Pinball Updates: Ultra Scoob

Spooky Pinball shows the latest updates to Ultraman which includes Giant Fuji. They also show the most recent update to Scooby-Doo Pinball which includes another way to earn an extra ball by un-masking villains.

Halloween and Ultraman Pinball Gameplay

Jack Danger and Spooky Pinball show livestreamed gameplay of both Halloween and Ultraman Pinball.

Video description by Dead Flip:

“Spooky Pinball gave us some early access to their two newest titles, to shine some light on where the gameplay is headed!”

Literally Spooky Pinball

Colorado Pinball Collective plays Zaccaria’s Spooky pinball game and gives a tutorial. It’s very spooky.

Spooky Pinfest

Nick from Arcade Hunters plays America’s Most Haunted and provides some commentary along with it.