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Happy Half Hour with Modern Pinball

“Named one of the “Best of New York 2014″ for Fun & Nightlife by New York Magazine, Modern Pinball serves-up sensory overload on a daily basis.”

Inlane-Slingshot Quad-Catch! [VIDEO]

A pinball slingshot on STERN’s Spider-man decides it knows how to catch pinballs too and demonstrates this talent by catching four pinballs underneath it by itself!

Cityscape interviews Modern Pinball NYC Owners

Cityscape interviewed Steve Epstein and Steve Zahler as part of their “Cityscape: Indoors” program. The pinball relevant parts of this nearly thirty minute program have been edited for your convenience.

Pinball on the TODAY Show!

Jason and Mazine Zahler were the stars of an in-studio segment on the TODAY Show where they answered questions the anchors had about playing pinball. They also were featured on a taped segment that was shown beforehand. Well done, Jason and Maxine!