Inlane Slingshot Quad Catch!-A

Look, I don’t know what happened. I was playing a game on the other side of the pinball hall, and then Steve Zahler calls me over and there are 4 balls stuck between the bottom of the slingshot and the inlane in a diamond pattern. They are just stuck there.

Of course, the camera has to come out for that! I didn’t know that slingshots had pinball catching abilities.

A pinball slingshot on STERN’s Spider-man decides it knows how to catch pinballs too and demonstrates this talent by catching four pinballs underneath it by itself!

Should you think that somehow, I am making this up and I must have magically snapped a photo at a perfect time to make it seem like the slingshot was able to show some pinball trapping skills of its own,

Here’s the original photo:

And, here’s the video of the aftermath with Steve getting the pinballs unstuck.

Stucky balls indeed.

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