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Godzilla trailer analysis

With the gameplay reveal imminent, it’s time for predictions based on what we have perceived thus far.

Begin the prognostication!

Throwback Thursday: Abide

Quarter 2, 2015 is coming…No, I don’t have a reservation for this game. It’s like $8,500 freakin’ dollars, dude.

Who, What, Where, When …

There’s been a decent amount of new pinball activity lately. Pinball Magazine lays it all out in a summary post. When it’s detailed like this, it looks impressive.

The Pinball Arcade: WHO dunnit™ Promo

I’d like to pre-emptively change the viewing angle on this game before I even boot it up. All that elevator in my face is just not going to work. If we can get that sorted out, then it should be fun.

Star Trek Pinball [STERN Trailer]

Here’s the announcement. Star Trek Pinball gets the trailer treatment as STERN officially releases the information that we all knew beforehand. At first glance, it looks like the lovechild of Spider-man, Attack from Mars and Medieval Madness, which isn’t a bad thing.