A new kind of action puzzle role-playing game! Join a band of medieval misfits on their quest to reclaim the kingdom from a dark and ancient magic. Each story chapter features dynamic 3D boards to explore, enemies to conquer, loot to grab, and puzzles to solve. Recruit heroes along the way, and hot-swap during battles to wield special abilities against your enemies.

Audience: Ages 9+
Platform: PC
Status:To be completed in 2013.

From the press release:

We were an IndieCade finalist!

Rollers was nominated for a 2013 IndieCade award. IndieCade is one of the world’s largest independent game festivals — think Sundance for games — and was held in Culver City, California. Game director David Evans and co-Exec. Producer Ericka Evans were on site to demo the game. Check out our Facebook photo gallery for a few pics of the event. We didn’t win an IndieCade award this year, but we did receive a “Best Story” award from a gaming web site called — thanks to everyone who came out to play and enjoy Rollers of the Realm.
Full trailer now available
We’ve published our first full game trailer to YouTube. It includes recent game play footage and narration by our characters.

PC development update

Our development team at Phantom Compass is nearing completion of the PC version of the game. We demonstrated the first two full chapters of the game at IndieCade and the rest of the chapters are settling into place nicely. While we currently are supporting only the PC platform officially, we do plan on expanding to include other platforms as well. More news on that when we’re able to talk more about it. In the mean time, we’ll keep posting news and images to our Steam Greenlight page.

Recent acclaim!

So far, we’ve gotten great buzz on early builds of the game. Here are a few recent selections:

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We are talking to other distributors, including Desura, about additional sales channels, and will let you know as soon as we strike a deal. We are considering pre-release access to complete chapters of the game, but no guarantees at the moment.

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Thanks from Thom and the rest of the Rollers Of The Realm team!

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