I’d like to pre-emptively change the viewing angle on this game before I even boot it up. All that elevator in my face is just not going to work. If we can get that sorted out, then it should be fun.


Also this: Who?dunnit should have been …

Who Dunnit™: designed by Dwight Sullivan and Barry Oursler, this table combines the thrill of gambling with an intriguing murder mystery. Players take on the role of ace investigator Nick Spade as they collect clues, interrogate suspects and catch killers. The playfield features a functioning slot machine and a unique scoop ramp, which feeds three separate habitrails to lower, raise and exit the casino elevator. A mysterious murder. One victim. Twenty possible scenarios. Who has the motive? Who has the skill? Everyone’s dying to know WHO dunnit. 2,416 of this table were produced.

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