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Double Knights Challenges

IE Pinball presents the Heads-Up Playoffs from the Black Knight: Sword of Rage On Tilt Launch Tournament.

The Battle for Buffalo

The DRAMA! The ACTION! The COMMENTARY! The SUITS! Witness the pageantry of “The Battle for Buffalo.”

Rose City Showdown: Day 2

Long story short: I chopped enough wood to qualify for both the Open and Classics division finals. A big reason why I prefer competing in Herb-Style tournaments is because you need just one great game on each pin at some point during the qualifying round to make it to the finals.

Rose City Showdown: Day 1

The PAPA Circuit continues with the Rose City Showdown yesterday in Portland, Oregon. Check out the standings at SoftPlunge.org to see the quality of competition that had arrived by the end of Friday.

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball

It appears that it’s time to fire up my consoles again as Zen Pinball presents Plants vs. Zombies Pinball. Reviewers have commented that games on this table last a long time. If you look at the small gap between the flippers, you can see why.