Chop that wood!

Long story short: I chopped enough wood to qualify for both the Open and Classics division finals. Check out the final standings here.

A big reason why I prefer competing in Herb-style tournaments is because you need just one great game on each pin at some point during the qualifying round to make it to the finals.


It requires much less consistency than set-based qualifying rounds such as PAPA. Which means I can afford to have a game where I miss everything, or get screwed by a jumpball drain, or some other weird occurrence like a house game where I never touch the ball once with the flippers.

Instead of having to lose all that time invested and start all over to try to find that magical set of 5 consistently good games, I can just try again to have this game be the great game I need.

Well, it’s almost time for finals. Time to see how long I can survive and advance. I suppose I’ll do some sort of post-mortem on the games and the tournament in a future post.

But, to make another long story short, Avengers looks and sounds great but the game play sucks. All the other games in the tournament played fantastically. Yes, including that demon spawn called Mystic.