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Galactic Tank Force Field Guide Video: Would you like to know more?

American Pinball announces the release of Galactic Tank Force Field Guide Videos – a helpful online series of 1 on 1 instructional clips delivered by the BEST of the InterGalactic Forces!

Learn how to defeat Enemy Tanks, UFO’s and SpyBots and how to master techniques to earn big points on your next visit to the Moon of Lumina! The Galaxy and the Ice Cream are depending on YOU!

More Walking Dead video

The videos have started to come out with Walking Dead gameplay. Here’s one now that stacks Multiballs. Remember this is early code.

Pinburgh 2012 Group T

I helped to do a thing! ^_^ I started to get more comfortable as time went on, especially when I worried less about making sure I was contributing to the commentary. Thanks, Bowen for making it an enjoyable experience. I want to do more!

Ozfest [VIDEOS]

Videos and analysis of the game so far featuring Bowen Kerins, Zach Sharpe, Jersey Jack, Chris Granner, Arcade Hunters and Pinball ninja

Guided video tour of PAPA 2012

Bruce Nightingale and Ron Hallett, Jr. give us a guided tour of the PAPA facility. Over a half-hour of power! Filmed by Ron Hallett, Sr.

Pinball Fails

I’m so sorry … No I’m not. ^_^ — [Re-posted for the lulz, such as they are.]