Pinburgh 2012 Group T


I helped to do a thing! ^_^

Bowen Kerins and I did a commentary video for PAPA Pinburgh Group T.

The games were: Lord of the Rings, Fast Draw, World Cup Soccer, and Nitro Groundshaker.

The players were: Trent Augenstein, Dave Stewart, Mats Runsten, and Andrei Massenkoff.

It was great fun to do. I started to get more comfortable as time went on, especially when I worried less about making sure I was contributing to the commentary. Thanks, Bowen for making it an enjoyable experience and Mark Steinman for putting it together. I want to do more!

Everyone who is interested should do a commentary. Hey, I figure that these videos from Pinburgh 2012 have got to be released before Pinburgh 2013 starts. By the way, have you registered for Pinburgh 2013 yet?

Author: SSB

You will find me at a pinball tournament, and sometimes behind a microphone for some reason. Have more fun! Play more pinball! Support the hobby on twitter by using #pinball. Currently: Attacking Mars. BAO!

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