Check out this inspiring interview by Ryan Zlomek that focuses on the charitable efforts of Project Pinball and its founder, Daniel Spolar. I am happy to see Daniel at various pinball events and tournaments around the country and see how well Project Pinball is fulfilling its mission.

Podcast description:

“Daniel Spolar, founder of the organization Project Pinball Charity, is on today’s show and I couldn’t be more honored. Since 2011, #ProjectPinball has been putting #pinball machines in children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the United States. Daniel comes to #MeditationsWithRyanZlomek to chat about his transition from a career in construction to starting a charity, the value gaming brings to patients, families, and health professionals in hospitals and times of crisis, how community involvement ensures the longevity of charities, and the importance of ethics and oversight at his organization. It’s an honest, heartfelt, and inspiring conversation about how we can positively impact the world around us when we focus on the needs of others.
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