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The “impossible” license.

Forbes and FamilyGamerTV interview FarSight Studios on how they made what seemed to be an impossible license come to fruition.

The Addams Family Kickstarter

Well, well! Here we go! The one we’ve been waiting for. The “big get.” The home run. At least that’s what the hype train says. It’s going to take nearly $100,000 in Kickstarter funding to release The Addams Family Pinball for the Pinball Arcade.

Diner beta review by DutchTommy

Roy Wils reviews Farsight Studios beta release of Diner. It’s so beta that there’s no backglass art for the Diner title screen. Now that’s beta!

Can popular virtual tables become real?

Farsight Studios are looking into creating virtual tables based on original themes. The most popular virtual tables could become real games. This makes so much sense it’s almost obvious.