Well, well! Here we go!

The one we’ve been waiting for. The “big get.” The home run. At least that’s what the hype train says.

It’s going to take nearly $100,000 in Kickstarter funding to release The Addams Family Pinball for the Pinball Arcade.

From The Kickstarter:

“We’ve succeeded in negotiating all of the licenses we’d need to digitize The Addams Family® and bring it to the Pinball Arcade. Unfortunately there are several licenses involved: in addition to the Williams license, we need a license for The Addams Family®, the actor likeness of Raul Julia (Gomez Addams) and Anjelica Huston (Morticia Addams),  on the backglass and play field, and the right to use the actor voiceovers during gameplay.

“The licenses we’ve secured for The Addams Family® will cost $101,000 (and that’s just for the licenses- we’ll cover all of the development expenses ourselves). Thanks to the amazing generosity of pinball fans throughout the world, our previous Kickstarter project for the Terminator 2: Judgement Day pinball table raised $3,360 more than we needed for the Terminator 2: Judgment Day licenses and we’re applying this towards the license costs of The Addams Family®. If we can raise the remaining $97,640 we’ll be able to digitize the Addams Family and preserve one of the greatest pinball tables of all time.”

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